Majstor Holistic Duck 10st x 390 g

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The best food for your best friend – when only the natural is good enough

A genuine Majstor product – that we promise your dog will love.

A balanced diet developed and designed for dogs with special requirements and nutritional needs.

Contains only animal raw material, 65 percent Duck, where a gentle manufacturing process ensures that all important and essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients are preserved in the tasty meal.

The duck is served with easily digestible brown rice with oats, sunflower oil and sea algae to ensure that your dog gets its energy needs met for an active life.

The product line is low allergen and free of preservatives, and coloring and flavoring agents.

Free from: Wheat, eggs, milk, soy, pork and beef.

Four advantages of wet food

  1. The meat is more close to its natural origin, and therefore more inviting and tempting for your dog. A perfect appetizer for dogs with nutritional problems.
  2. Or, for dogs who need to lose weight. Wet occupies a larger volume than the same amount of nutrients in the dry food, which means that your dog quickly feel full and satisfied.
  3. Usually contains more meat protein and fewer carbohydrates compared with the dry food.
  4. Older dogs often suffer from chronic dental problems that can make it difficult and painful to chew dry food difficult.

Keep in mind…

Never leave wet feed in the dog’s bowl longer than an hour or two, moist foods that come in contact with the environment can easily lead to bacteria begin to grow. Once opened store in the fridge. Be sure to dispose of any unused dog food within two to three days.


Majstor Holistic Duck Wet Food for Dogs

A naturally pure and tasty complete diet with a high digestibility.

Holistic Duck is low allergen, and has a low glycemic index.

Added vitamin E.

Weight packaging: 390 grams.

Ingredients: Duck 65 percent, 5 percent brown rice, sunflower oil 0.5 per cent, 0.5 per cent of marine algae and minerals.

Feeding instructions must be assessed as a guide.

Serve always plenty of fresh water for your dog.