Protective Paw-Stick

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Protection of nature – for your dog’s paws

Majstor Paw-Stick is organic and protect paw pads from road salt, ice and water. Leaves a protective film, and keeps your dog’s paw pads soft and smooth – all year around. Also, prevents pads from cracking. The stick is practical and easy to handle before the dog walk.

Content from nature’s own pantry: Olive oil, beeswax, pine tar, rosemary antioxidant and carnauba wax that serves as a surface treatment agent.

Majstor protective paw stick is Made in Sweden.



Olive oil: The greasy surface protects against wind and weather and keeps moisture well.

Beeswax: Rejects cold and water, protects against wind and weather, soothes irritated skin and has some antibiotic properties

Carnauba wax: Protects against weathering, rejects the cold and water, conserves heat and moisture better than any other wax. Soothes irritated skin that may be peace and quiet in the protective wax, softens dry and chapped.

Wood tar: Considered antipruritic and desquamation stimulates the formation of new skin and local stun and kill bacteria, fungi and scabies mites.

Rosemary Antioxidant: Once used for its antibacterial, antifungal and local anesthetic effect.

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